Florida's Portable Photo Booth Rental Service

Four Reasons to Rent Our Photo Booth Today

Creating memories one click at a time

Fun and Entertaining

1 Nothing is as fun and entertaining as a photobooth at an event. Guests get the gift of a photo booth print and they can go in as many times as they want for free.  The party host gets the  strips and pictures on a CD after the event to see what went on in the booth.  In the end it is an amazing collection of the people who attended your event.  

Quality Service

2You won’t have to worry about a thing.  We set the booth up and take it down after your event.  We have a photo booth operator on site to make sure everything goes smoothly.  The booth can take 700 photo booth strips before it runs out of paper and our operator can reload in less than 5 minutes for unlimited enjoyment. Call us for more info on our booth services.


3 We can get almost anywhere.  Inside or outside, up stairs and down halls.  Our booth is portable and breaks down into boxes that can be carried and set up at the location of your choice.  All we need is some level ground about 3 x 7 foot square and access to a regular home outlet for power.  Call us to ask about travel outside the Tampa Florida area as well. 

Its Easy

4Guests go in the booth in groups from 1 to 10 people and plan out 4 different poses.  They push the big red button and the booth automatically takes 4 shots with about a 4 second delay between shots for re-posing.  2 sets of  the 4 image strips come out 20 seconds later on the side of the booth, and another group can go into the booth right away, even before the print comes out from the previous group.